Quayside Service

Why should I service my car?

There are many reasons why a car should be regularly serviced. First – your vehicle will run smoothly and more efficiently. Second – you can benefit by picking up irregularities before they become potentially expensive problems.

What to expect from Quayside Servicing

  • A friendly reception and prompt attention.
  • A thorough consultative interview to ensure all your requirements are fully understood.
  • Complete transparency. Once we have completed our diagnosis, we will advise you upfront what needs to be done, how long it will take, how much it will cost, and what your expectations should be.
  • All prices will be clearly illustrated and explained.
  • Should additional work be required, we will contact you in advance for approval.
  • Assurance that the service will be performed to the highest standards every time.
  • Only state-of-the-art Quayside approved technical equipment will be used.
  • A full report and explanation on work performed and costs involved, upon collecting your car.

The Quayside Difference

We subscribe to a standard of excellence. We call it “The Quayside Difference”.
It’s there to ensure that our workshop practices provide a consistently high quality for all service and repair work. We are committed to making sure all vehicles are correctly diagnosed, repaired and serviced, resulting in consistent “right first time” performance. It’s a commitment we will always stand behind. Here are some of the ways the service you receive is different.

Specialist Technicians

Not all cars are the same. That’s why we insist that every technician who works for us goes through a rigorous training program to become knowledgeable about all models. Whatever vehicle you drive, you can rest assured that our technicians are more up to speed on what’s under the hood than anyone outside the Quayside Motors.

Factory backup

The Technical Assistance Centre is a centre of knowledge, staffed by factory engineers and accessible only to authorised Service Centres. If the technician servicing your vehicle needs help, they can rely on the expert engineers at the centre for advice and direction.

Latest Computerised Technology

As automotive technology becomes increasingly complex, the traditional toolbox is virtually obsolete. The latest advanced diagnostic tools allow us to locate the problem more quickly and fix it. That means more convenience, more competitive cost structures, and more drive time.

Factory Approved Parts

To avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road, simply visit the Quayside Motors Service Centre and you have access to one of the most sophisticated parts networks in the country. Having undergone rigorous testing by manufacturer’s engineers, manufacturer’s factory approved parts will fully satisfy the original specifications of your car.

Parts and Labour Guarantee

Your vehicle is designed to function best with factory approved parts. All genuine approved parts and labour are covered under warranty.

Why do we make a fuss about service?

Keeping you safe on the road

At Quayside Motors, selling quality, reliable vehicles is our number 1 in importance. But, like anything mechanical, you have to maintain it to keep it functioning at its best.

Even if your car isn’t put to the test every day, it’s important that ‘the basics’ are checked and serviced regularly throughout your car’s life. Changing the oil, checking your brakes and transmission fluid – it’s all part of keeping you safe on the road.

Protecting your warranty

Every new vehicle comes with a factory warranty. That warranty covers your vehicle for items including engine, transmission, clutch, and interior/exterior components during the warranty period. Check your handbook for full details.

Servicing your vehicle at Quayside Motors gives you total confidence that your maintenance or repair will be carried out to the manufacturer’s specifications, and when using genuine parts, ensuring your warranty is not jeopardised.

Helping with resale

When it comes to selling your car, one of the first things most prospective buyers want to see is the service handbook. They want some ‘objective’ assurance that you’ve looked after your vehicle and that they’re not going to be stuck with ‘surprise’ problems. You would expect the same.

Regular servicing at the Quayside Motors Service Centre gives you permanent records that will assist with the sale of your vehicle. So it works to your advantage to demonstrate that you’ve maintained the car, had it serviced by top quality technicians and used top quality parts.

Quayside Tyre Service

Convenient Tyre replacement is here…NOW!!! With the Quayside Tyre Service.
Introducing the Quayside Motors Tyre Program
Tyres are a critical safety item on any vehicle. All your vehicle’s advanced design and engineering is useless if your tyres aren’t up to specification! Your vehicles tyres are its footprint on the road and are a key component to its handling performance. And tyres, like the rest of your vehicle need regular servicing and eventually replacing.

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